Upcoming Terminology Workshop at TCD

On September 14 2015, Trinity College Dublin will host a terminology workshop, for Slándáil partners, with invited guest Professor Hanne Thomsen from the Copenhagen Business School.


A terminology workshop will take place at TCD on Monday, September 14, 2015 with invited guest Professor Hanne Thomsen from the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Slándáil team members from TCD, INFAI and UNIPD will attend the workshop.

Prof. Thomsen work with principles for terminological concept analysis. She uses formal feature specifications for the representation of characteristics from terminology in order to automatize the process of ontology construction and definition writing. Currently, most of her research lies within the project DanTermBank, which aims at creating the foundations for establishing a national term and knowledge bank by automatizing the data collection as much as possible (term extraction, knowledge extraction, ontology building and validation). Former projects concerning formalization and exploitation of ontologies: SIABO and OntoQuery. In ISO, the International Standards Organisation, she participate in the Technical Committee TC37 (Terminology and other Language Resources).She also has interests in various aspects of terminology in organisations, e.g. process maturity, cost-benefit.

Prof. Thomsen will be speaking about relationships among meanings and standards on terms and ontology and on the CBS approach to terminological ontology. In particular, she will discuss issuess surrounding the organization of a terminology in a multi-disciplinary domain like disaster management. Her expertise in this area is well known, particularly in data and knowledge modelling. This will have direct benefit for the project – the workshop will facilitate discussion on – how TCD has locally set up the Slándáil term bank, how UNIPD has organized the term bank, and on the multilingual approach (faciliated by INFAI and UNIPD) the project has taken on German and Italian terminology respectively.


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