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Terminology Workshop Hosted at Trinity College Dublin

On September 14 2015, a terminology workshop in the was hosted by Slándáil in the Small Conference Room, O’Reilly Institute, Trinity College. This workshop has allowed researchers in the project to assess our own terminology standards and to look into how terminology can further benefit our project (see our featured post on terminology for more information).

Prof. Hanne Thomsen from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was invited to present the Terminology Ontology – the CBS approach and the Terminology for Disaster Management – the Underlying Data Model. Prof. Thomsen’s work is groundbreaking in the area of terminology. At the workshop she discussed issues surrounding the organization of a terminology in a multi-disciplinary domain like disaster management. Members from TCD, UNIPD and INFAI attended the workshop and engaged in discussion about terminology in Slándáil.

During the meeting, discussions were made in relation to the ontology standards, terminological ontology approach and related issues about term-internal relations and ontology storage. Prof. Thomsen presented suggestions that more information could be shared about ontology structuring and further collaboration on finding inter-term relations. Further discussion about ontology validation will also be of interest to improve the international terminology standards of the project. Researchers are now incorporating these standards into the Slándáil Terminology systems.

Presentations from the day are available below:

[embeddoc url=”http://slandail.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/1-HanneET-terminological-ontology.pdf” viewer=”google”]

[embeddoc url=”http://slandail.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2-HanneET-Term-data-structure.pdf” viewer=”google”]

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