Feature: Novel Way to Study Images by Ulster University

University of Ulster: A Novel Spiral Addressing Scheme for Rectangular Images

As part of the research for Slándáil, Ulster University have been working on a novel method for analysing images based on a system that they have developed. The goal of this is to make image analysis from social media more efficient, taking into account the large volume of images that are shared during a natural disaster (for example, Instagram reported 1.3 million pictures posted during Hurricane Sandy).


Communication via accurate, complete and real-time information sharing is key to prepare, respond and recover in disaster management. Sharing visual content not only increases the credibility of the information, but also encourages social media user engagement.

For most existing web search platforms, such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo, search is based on context information, i.e., tags, time or location. Text-based search is fast and convenient, but the search results can be mismatched, less relevant, or duplicated due to web noise. Therefore, incorporating content-based analysis, such as image analytics, can improve the search quality. Read more