Slándáil Belfast Plenary Group Photograph

Plenary Meeting, Belfast, 09-10-2014

The Slándáil project had its first 6-month plenary meeting at the Titanic Centre in Belfast on 9th October, 2014. The meeting was organised by members of the PSNI who are involved in the project. Members from all twelve partners attended, and the Strategic Advisory Board were also in attendance for a Q&A session.

The day featured talks from the different partners that were responsible for compiling and submitting the first six project deliverables, submitted over the first six months of the project. There were discussions on the research and suggestions made for progress from an open and vibrant group of attendees.

Professor Khurshid Ahmad (Trinity College Dublin) chaired the meeting and gave a talk outlining the goals for the project over the coming months.

Slándáil Belfast Plenary Group Photograph

The day finished with three round-table discussions by the three sub-committees – Usability, Technical Implementation, and Ethics – and plans were laid out for the next six months of progress.