Slandail Strategic Advisory Board

Slándáil Strategic Advisory Board Meet in Dublin

The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) for Slándáil has met with the project coordinator in Trinity College Dublin on October 5th, 2015. This meeting was arranged to gain an overview and response to project progress to date from the board.

The SAB has three members, each with an area of expertise relevant to the project. Prof. Henrik Selsoee Sorenson from the Copenhagen Business School is an expert in text analytics and linguistics; Dr. Jane Grimson works with ethical research with an emphasis on data transfer; and Commander Brian Fitzgerald (chair) is a member of the Irish Defence Forces’ Planning, Policy and Enterprise section.

The board had reviewed deliverables and milestones of Slándáil to date, and responded to plans set out in the last meeting of the SAB in October 2014, before the project coordinator, Professor Khurshid Ahmad, gave a presentation on the overall project progress, emphasising work done on each work package.

The board then gave responses and feedback to the project to date. The chair gave overall comments, noting that the SAB are very pleased with the project progress. They each gave individual feedback and suggestions on how to improve project outputs, including incorporating theory on cyber-crime in project outputs to strengthen arguments, and improving the connection between image analytics and the ethical framework.

The SAB meeting precedes the upcoming project review meeting in Brussels on November 17th, and has helped to form a backbone of project progress.

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