Slándáil Fifth Plenary Meeting, Berlin 2016

The Slándáil project consortium met on 17th and 18th October 2016 in Berlin. The meeting was attended by all project partners. It was the final project plenary before the review period, and marked the first large event for the project in the final six months of its run.

The meeting was split into several sessions. It opened with project management overview, followed by a demonstration of the working Emergency Management System that has been produced for the project. This represented the first time in the project that the full prototype system had been demonstrated to the entire project team at the same time. Feedback to the system was positive, and notes were taken for small improvements that can be implemented in the final months of the project.

Following this, exploitation demonstrations were given by project partners who showed software systems from a commercial end, and commented on potential commercialisation plans beyond the project. A discussion of the legal caucus’ role in legal and ethical aspects of the project was included.

The second day of the meeting focussed more on academic achievements throughout the project. This included presentations and feedback on text, image, speech and non-verbal communication analytics, and updates on terminology and ethics research and relation extraction work.

The project’s final meeting was a positive step in forward planning. Project partners will meet intermittently in early 2017 before the conclusion of the project on 31 March 2017.

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