Slándáil at NLP 4 CMC Workshop at GSCL 2015 (Essen, Germany / September 29, 2015)

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Sabine Gründer-Fahrer and Antje Schlaf from InfAI have presented their paper ’Modes of Communication in Social Media for Emergency Management’ at the 2nd Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Computer-Mediated Communication / Social Media at the International Conference of the German Society for Computer Linguistics and Language Technology in Essen.



The paper examines how social media were used during the flood 2013 in Central Europe and what differences in use appeared among different kinds of media. We found that Twitter played its most important part in exchange of current and factual information on the state of the event while Facebook prevalently was used for emotional support and organization of volunteers help. In a corpus-based comparative study we show how the different communicative modes prevalent in the registers German Facebook, Twitter and News are clearly reflected by the characteristic content, conceptualization and language of the respective register. The methods used include differential analysis, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, latent semantic analysis and distance matrix comparison.

The proceedings of the workshop can be found here:



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