Prototype 0 Demonstration

On April 17th, 2015, following the second Slándáil plenary meeting, a demonstration of the coupled systems that will form the core of the Slándáil project was given to the emergency management partners in the project.

The two systems that form the prototype are Topic Analyst, a text analysis system that compiles text from online sources created by German technology company CID, and SIGE, an alarm and emergency system that helps emergency managers send out messages and target key areas during a natural disaster created by Italian company DataPiano. Both systems were loosely coupled and demonstrated to end users using dummy data of an emergency to show how the systems may operate together later in the project.

One of the interface screens of Topic Analyst

The Topic Analyst system analytical results on search term ’emergency’

Topic Analyst is capable of taking in text from internet sources and splitting these up into categories. During a time of natural disaster, this can be used to pull in public social media posts. When an occurrence of key terms such as location or a particular type of emergency is highlighted within the text, Topic Analyst automatically sends a warning to a monitoring station where an emergency manager can view its readings. If the emergency manager decides that the data warrants an alarm, he/she can activate SIGE, which allows fast contact with various emergency management resources, and shows maps and information on the region that may be affected.

The next step in the project will be to take the academic partner research on flood terms and use these as a filtration system to improve the outputs from Topic Analyst. Further to this, the integration of guidelines on harvesting data highlight the need to log activity and also incorporate an intrusion index system to help protect the identity of named individuals that may appear in public social media posts. Some of this will be addressed in the next prototype, due for demonstration and testing in November 2015.

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