The Project

Project Slándáil is a collaborative project between eleven partners in the EU. These include academic partners, digital researchers, digital media companies and emergency service representatives from Ireland, the UK, Germany and Italy.

The project is designed to research natural crises (e.g. floods, hurricanes) and to analyse how social media can be better used to spread messages about the worst affected areas during these crises. By working collaboratively with emergency service representatives and academic partners, the project aims to better understand how social media can inform emergency responses to natural disasters. It will look to build an ethical framework for increasing response times of these services using up to date social media information that is sourced from people in badly affected areas.

Emergency services such as ambulances, police forces and fire brigades depend heavily on websites and social media to find information on where to target as the most urgent areas during natural crises, however the information can often be misleading. Project Slándáil aims to improve the information received by these services while protecting the rights of personal data and information that is collected from individuals using social media.

At present there are no systems that can deal with (a) aggregated information from all the separate forms of social media that can reliably transmit data, and (b) communicate effective emergency messages in varied languages. If successful, Project Slándáil will achieve both of these aims and will lay a groundwork for a state of the art digital platform that will help increase the response times and effectiveness of emergency services in times of natural crisis.

This project is Irish-led and has received funding from the EU under Framework 7 funding for security. The partners involved in Project Slándáil are Trinity College Dublin (IRE), Pintail Ltd. (IRE), Stillwater Communications (IRE), An Garda Siochana (IRE), Institut Fur Angewandte Informatik EV (GER), CID GMBH (GER), Military disaster prevention in Saxony (GER), Universita Degli Studi di Padova (ITA), DataPiano SRL (ITA), University of Ulster (UK), Centre for Irish and European Security (IRE), and PSNI (UK).