Project Launch

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) will lead a EU research project that aims to develop a cost-effective and ethical system that can be used in emergency situations.

The aim of Project Slándáil – a three-year project which will receive almost €3 million during this period – is to design and develop an intelligent information gathering and processing system which provides information about public distress to emergency services.

The project will use information from different social media channels –  text, visual and audio – to help provide warnings about major impending disasters, both natural and man-made, and the following efforts to recover from them.

The project is a collaboration of emergency operatives, academics, ethics and security-orientated NGOs and four small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Italy, Ireland, Germany and the UK.

Its partners include the Dublin-based centre for Irish and European Security, An Garda Siochána, Landeskommando Leipzig and the Police Service of Northern Ireland, together with system houses dealing with social media and with emergency management.

Both user partners and technical experts will work with the university partners at TCD, Leipzig, the University of Ulster and Padova. Language processing systems will be developed at Leipzig and Trinity while image processing systems will be developed at Ulster. the project will be managed by the Irish research consultancy Pintail.

The project is sponsored by the European Union’s Framework Programme 7 under its Security Research Programme.