Presentation at EU Social Media and Crisis Management Event

On Friday, February 27th members from different EU FP7 Security projects were invited to present their current projects with feedback from End User partners at the ERC offices, EU, Brussels.


The aim of the day was to:

  1. To organize a meeting where coordinators and most relevant end-users/WP leaders identify possible overlaps or complementarities among their projects, to ensure further collaboration among themselves.
  2. To foster the creation of a community of end-users, i.e. by asking you to bring along the most relevant end-users involved in the projects (especially if beneficiaries) and asking them whether their expectations are being met by the projects.

A number of projects participates, including:


Project Coordinator, Prof. Khurshid Ahmad, (TCD) gave an overview of the project before Brian Halligan (GARDA) and Martin Fiedler (representing BVK) gave their responses to how the project has benefited them over the first twelve months.

The event was organised and chaired by Stefano D’Orilia of the ERC.

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