Stillwater Communications

Stillwater Communications is a communications company that helps individuals and organisations discover, develop and deliver their stories through training and consultancy services. We provide Leadership Communication and Development training, Media training, Public Relations services and an array of Presentation and Interview training courses. Stillwater Communications also advises clients on how to deal effectively with the media, protect their reputation and deal effectively with crises should they arise. Stillwater works with some of the worlds leading organisations, such as Microsoft, Aviva, Accenture, Diageo, Quallcom, Novartis and Pfizer among others.

  • Cilian Fennell is one of Ireland’s leading communications consultants and strategic advisors. For 15 years he has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations, training and coaching their senior leaders to become more effective and engaging communicators. As a Media Trainer and Crisis Communications consultant, his background in media and media production has given him great insight into what the media wants and how to deliver a clear concise message. He has worked with individuals and executives of all industries, to help them to communicate their message effectively and take control of media situations. Recognised for his use of storytelling and narrative strategy, Cilian has worked as an advisor to Ireland’s leading political, business and media figures and has worked in the UK, US, Europe and Middle East. His company, Stillwater Communications is a leading provider of Public Relations, Media Training, and Communications services.

    Cillian will be leading the project supported by Anna O Hare. Anna is a graduate of the Smurfit School of management and will be co-ordinating the project for Stillwater. Stillwater will also be recruiting a social media expert to provide report-writing expertise (WP1).