Institut für Angewandte Informatik EV

Founded in 1409, the University of Leipzig is the second oldest university in Germany. Currently, about 35,000 students are matriculated each year. The Computer Science Department will be participating in the project with the Institute for Applied Informatics (INFAI). INFAI is an adjunct institute of the University of Leipzig which promotes and conducts its own research in the fields of applied computer science and information management. While in terms of law, finances, and administration INFAI is autonomous, it adopts grants with all rights and duties like the University.  Contracts are formally similar with those from the University staff and other public servants, however, the INFAI stuff is employed by INFAI directly. In effect, INFAI’s status of an adjunct institute of the University of Leipzig means a very close connection with the Natural Language Processing Group (Prof. Heyer) in the Department of Computer Science of the University. The research group headed by Prof. Heyer executes projects for the University as well as for INFAI. A general cooperation contract defines sharing of work and resources. Additionally, there is a number of INFAI members in supervising or consultatory positions who hold professorships at the University of Leipzig and who work for INFAI in an honorary capacity. 

  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heyer holds the Chair on Natural Language Processing at the Computer Science Department of the University of Leipzig since 1994. His field of interest is focused on automatic processing of natural language text with applications in the area of information retrieval and search as well as knowledge management. He also works as one of the directors of INFAI in a honorary capacity. Until he moved to Leipzig, he was responsible within the Olivetti Group for establishing research and development in electronic publishing and natural language processing. He has also been responsible for the definition and performance of, for example, the ESPRIT projects Translator’s Workbench, Translator’s Workbench II and MultiLex. Prof. Heyer’s contribution will be made available to INFAI by the University of Leipzig without reimbursement.

  • Sabine Gründer-Fahrer completed a Master in Linguistics and Philosophy at the University in Leipzig (Germany) in 2004. She was visiting student at the Univesities of Tuebingen (Germany) and St. Andrews (Scotland). The main linguistical focus was on formal semantics, syntax and pragmatics; her philosophical studies concentrated on logic, analytical philosophy and philosophy of language. She completed her PhD in computer science at the University of Leipzig in the natural language processing group under Prof. Gerhard Heyer. Her main work was on mathematical linguistics and computational linguistics. During her PhD and Postdoc time she worked in projects on natural language processing and formal semantics of natural language at the Universities of Leipzig, Duesseldorf, Bielefeld and Stanford. She held scholarships of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst, and won a students award at the European Summerschool of Logic Language and Information.