DataPiano S.r.l. Information Technology  Services for the Territory is responsible for the provision of services in the field of information technology and the development of specialized software for performing complex tasks relating to the areas of computerized cartography (GIS) and the development of customized software for data management, database structure developing and web publishing, with spatially related systems for the analysis of the territory (urban planning, civil protection emergencies, development of land resources, computerization of planning instruments of territorial planning, network management of local public transport).

  • Francesco Russo (DataPianoCoordinator) has over 20 years’ experience in helping public managers of municipalities, provincial governments, consortia, consortia for land-claiming and mountain communities develop their activities in the sectors of Public Works, Urban Planning, Private Building, Taxes. A member of a partnership of Engineering and Architecture since 1983 and partner of an IT company since 1987, some of his major past projects include work for the provinces of Venice and Bergamo, the municipalities of San Dona Di Piave and Jesolo, as well as ETRA Energia Territorio Risorse Ambientali SpA – Cittadella (PD) and Aziende Trasporti Pubblici Di Udine (SAF).

  • Dott. Moreno Vignotto (Software designer) is highly qualified with specific knowledge in over 10 programming languages, software systems to support interoperability, creation of Web Services with MS. NET, methods of analysis and design for the implementation of systems / applications of BPM (Business Process Management) among other areas. He has worked at DataPiano since 1996 and has contributed many major projects, including work completed for Port Authority of Genoa, Highway Pedemontana Lombarda and ETRA SpA etc.

  • Dr. Eng. Enrico Musacchio (Software design consultant) was software consultant to DataPiano from 1994 to 2002 and is a currently partner of the Pro.Tec.O. S.c.r.l. Engineering and Architecture company and is in charge of the environmental design department. Project-related knowledge includes extensive software development and GIS software expertise, including in: FORTRAN, BASIC, Visual Basic, Siemens WS 2000, Autocad Map, Intergraph Geomedia, ESRI Arc-GIS.