CID Gmbh

CID GmbH is a German company with its headquarter located in Freigericht, close to Frankfurt am Main in the Rhine-Main area of Germany. The company was founded in 1997 by the Managing Directors Alexander Lörch and Rouven Lörch as well as by Dirk Schießer.  The software-development house offers customers individual IT infrastructure as well as software solutions for knowledge management processes and competitive intelligence. As market leader in the area of automated language processing and information analysis, CID has its own scientific team with expert knowledge in the research disciplines computational linguistics, artificial intelligence as well as neuroinformatics and mathematical statistics. The scientific focus is natural language processing, ontology modeling as well as machine learning and data mining. The CID Group focuses on the development of customized, up-to-date software solutions that digitalize and enhance business processes within enterprises and lead to an improvement of communication in relationships between companies and their customers. Therefore, CID concentrates on a highly advanced, modern and sophisticated software development, using newest technologies and approaches, to provide applications, which offer competitive advantages for their clients. To meet these requirements, CID engages in intensive knowledge exchange with experts from science and research.

  • Alexander Lörch is Managing Director of the CID GmbH and CEO of the Pattern Science AG. After a technical education in Nuclear Electronics and Physical Measurement Techniques at Silena Wissenschaftliche Instrumente GmbH, he managed international sales within the company for five years (1993-1998). With two partners, he founded the CID GmbH in 1997, which is now the parent company of the CID Group. Particular focus is the digitalization of business processes to create businesses more efficient and profitable. One year later, he founded the MATec (Measurement and Analysis Technology) GmbH, a supplier in the field of nuclear measurements (alpha,beta, gamma, spectroscopy and radon measurements). As scientific competence center for natural language processing in text data, Pattern Science AG was founded in 2008. Today, he guides the product and business development for the CID Group.Within the EU project, he is responsible for the CID Product Management.